2018 Winning Poetry Entries

Grades K-2 Poetry

Delilah Stevens-Gonzalez ,Caloosa Elementary

"Trying to Help the War"

I am a nurse and an American hero

I try to save everybody I can 

Grades 3-5 Poetry

Trent Harris , Gulf Elementary

"When the Men Left Home"

Women in the assembly line 

working the machinery, 

Poster in the corner saying 

“We can do it” 

Grades 6-8 Poetry

Casey Barritt, P.L. Dunbar Middle

"Warrior in White Light"


A soldier opens his eyes to 

see a brave warrior 

surrounded by white light, 

Fearless nurse working over him.

Grades 9-10 Poetry

Juliana Bodhert, Ft Myers High 

"The Red Chaos"

A dance battle with death we are close to losing, 

Teardrops falling on the ground. 

Grades 11-12 Poetry

Sydney Marcy, Ft Myers High



I leave on a Tuesday, patriotic goals and aspirations fitting neatly inside my head. 

I go where they need me, shoot where they tell me….