About Us

 The overall mission of our organization is Youth Celebrating the Arts and Honoring our Veterans.  The concept of Pride and Patriotism was born out of an advocacy for the arts and love of country, which together present a “pride” in our student’s artistic talents on a patriotic theme with the presence of our veterans who afforded the students the opportunity to do so in a free country.

Our organization was founded in 2003 by Dr. Elinor Scricca.  Currently, our committee is composed of community leaders, veterans, and school representatives led by a CEO and Board of Directors.  Over the past thirteen years, we have reached thousands of students and the Lee County community who have attended enthusiastically and regularly.  Our goal is to have as many students as possible attend to see and hear the patriotic message.

The first performance took place in November of 2003 at the Barbara B. Mann Hall before an audience of approximately 800 persons, and has continued on an annual basis.  Every year since, the scope of the program has grown as well as the size of the audience.  From the 800 attending the first year, the audience has increased to an average of 1,500 enjoying the program each year.

In 2011, Pride and Patriotism became Pride and Patriotism of Lee County inviting county charter  schools to join with the Lee County School District effectively opening the event to all students K – 12. Numerous veteran organizations support this worthy cause. Patriotic music is performed by student groups from various area schools.

In addition to the musical, artistic and literary components of the program, Pride & Patriotism has added a mini-documentary component in which our students interview and encourage selected veterans to 'tell their story'.

This is a great time for schools, families, residents and visitors to come together and reflect on our great country while honoring our veterans and recognizing students’ talents.  This entire effort involves hundreds of students, teachers, veterans and community members and acknowledges the collaborative spirit and appreciation for the undertaking. 

The program is only made possible by financial contributions from local businesses and individuals.  Pride and Patriotism is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  All financial contributions are tax deductible.

Pride and Patriotism is a singular experience with imagery, gratitude and love of country.  It is more than a program. It is a celebration! We invite you to attend.

Board of Directors

President   Jack Wagner 

Vice President  William Deile

Secretary  Kathy Himes

Treasurer  Beverly King

Operations Manager  Randy Moody

Grant Writer  Dick Kennedy